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Which is Best Electric Car or Petrol Car in 2017

Today, lots and lots of people have become conscious about environment. They are looking for the efficient ways to reverse the process of global warming. Due to the pressure risen from the people’s demand to have better environment, the car manufacturers have come up with vehicles that run on electricity. Once the first electric car was launched in the market, many manufacturers started to work on the same and they have released numerous vehicles with exciting features. This is especially true in Australia. However, some people are still confused and want to know whether petrol car or electric car is better. Let us compare and reveal out the truth.


There are several types of electric vehicles found in Australia and they vary a lot in performance based on their price. One of the best electric vehicle in Australia features 160 KM range and delivers the speed of 130 km per hour, which is adequate for everyday travelers. Of course, the electric vehicles are suitable only for traveling electric carwithin the city limit. You can travel only a short distance and is not appropriate for long travel. But, this is not the case with petrol can check best petrol 7 seater cars at You can travel at incredible speed and cover a long speed it petrol cars. It can manage to give high speeds along High ways and this would be an optimal choice for thrill seekers.


The cost of electric cars is substantially higher than the petrol equivalent. While the small electric car costs around $41,000, the largest electric car would be obtained at the price of $113,000. But, you can get even high end petrol cars at an affordable price.

Cost of running:

In this feature, electric cars are the clear winners. Yes, you can travel at a cheaper cost in electric car when compared to the petrol powered ones. You need not have to spend more than $2 to travel around 50 km the best top 10 electric cars reviews available at you can check reviews and choose the best electric car.As the petrol cost is increasing at a faster pace, the electric cars serve as an alternative to those who don’t want to spend excessive amount to fuel their vehicle.

Cost Of Maintenance:

When it comes to petrol cars, you have to spend a lot of money to maintain the engine. But, you can save a pile of money as well as time in case of electric cars. Of course, you need to focus on suspension, tyres and brake pads in both the versions.


In the beginning, you may feel like the price of the battery is considerably higher. However, you must remember that the battery of electric cars only has to be changed every 5 to 6 years. They don’t want to be replaced every now and then as they last for several years.